Plagiarism Checker

The Eaglescan Plagiarism Checker can detect content similarity between a new document against content in local repository and global repositories.

Peer Review

Our peer review module comprise of members from different institutions working on a common research document. They collaborate, share documents, review and moderate their operations.

Local Repository

Our rich local repository comprise of scholarly publications ranging from Theses, Desertations, Articles, Journals and other Research materials.

Global Repository

To complement its rich local content, the Eaglescan software also accesses global research content. This is done through subscription to global APIs.

Document Comparison

The Eaglescan software has a special comparison algorithm that allows document comparison on a one-on-one basis. This is differentiated from the plagiarism checker which checks against a pool of documents.

Similarity Index

This feature allows uploaded materials to be checked against the repository for similarity. This is a step further to the document comparison. This feature allows specific phrases, sentences to be checked for similarity. It displays the result in percentage.

Grammar Checker

The Eaglescan software also features a grammar checker. Uploaded documents are checked against correct punctuation, sentence structure, spelling etc.

Local Language Support

The Eaglescan software provides local language support. That is, it can convert document written in English for instance to a local language, and vice versa.

Title Validation

The Eaglescan software allows for title validation. Each proposed research title or topic can also be validated by checking for similarity.

Report Download

This feature allows all documents checked for plagiarism to have a copy certificate which serves as a report on the checked document. This report can then be downloaded by the user for validation in respective Organizations.

User Account Management

The Eaglescan software has a user account management system. This allows users to create, update, delete accounts and also manage subscriptions as desired.

Self Archival

This feature gives opportunity to authorised users to upload copies of their documents in the local repository.

Similarity Check Certificate

.The similarity check certificate gives an authenticated report on the originality of the document that is being tested for similarity. It contains a QR-code and online certificate verification that makes the certificate fool-proof. Users are able to present this certificate as proof of the originality of their documents.

LMS Integration

The Learning Management System (LMS) integration allows for the coupling of EagleScan with existing LMS applications.