Our videos explains how you can use EagleScan core features.

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Simply check the plan listing on the Eaglescan website. Choose any plan that suits your need from either Nigerian Universities, other Educational Institutions or individuals. You will then be redirected to our payment platform. Once payment is confirmed, you will be automatically subscribed to the platform.
This is very simple. Kindly choose the individual plan from the plan listing. This will take you to the payment platform. After successfully making payment, you will be automatically subscribed to the Eaglescan platform.
There are several tools and resources that one can use on the Eaglescan platform. As a researcher, you can use the plagiarism checker, the grammar check, title validation, abstract validation, local language support/converter etc. You can also take advantage of the Eaglescan community for knowledge sharing and collaboration. The myriad of tools will help enrich your research work.
Yes. A journalist can use the resources on the Eaglescan platform for research and content validation.