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28 New English Words For Smart Writers in 2022

Each year, new English words emerge! They frequently derive from popular culture, social and political challenges, and global technological advancements.

In 2021, another batch of new English words—both new and old—was added to our lexicon, with many of them eventually making their way into the world’s leading dictionaries, including Cambridge and Merriam Webster, Collins, and

New English Words 2022

We consulted a number of resources including vocabularytoday,, Zeezest, and Oxfordhouse.

First on our list is…


It is a proper noun. The concept originated in Denmark. This word’s adjectival form is hyggelig. The hygge ideology entails an embrace of nature and its rejuvenating energies.

Meaning: A reassuring quality that contributes to a person’s contentment and comfort.

Check example: For me, snuggling in a blanket with a cup of coffee during the winter is a form of hygge.


Meaning: by soliciting contributions from many people, particularly from the internet community, for a specific purpose (e.g., a new business).

Crowdfunding is a term derived from the words “crowd” and “funding,” which have taken off in recent years. Kickstarter (for enterprises) and GoFundMe (for individuals) are examples of crowdfunding platforms (for fundraisers and individuals). They’re getting more and more popular, and for good reason!

Check example: She used a crowdfunding platform to raise money for her new business and got a lot of support.


When it comes to expanding your vocabulary in 2022, you simply cannot overlook this one! Does the term “sirenic” ring a bell? Perhaps you’ve all heard the term “siren.” Sirenic is the adjectival version of the word siren.

Meaning: Intriguing, attractive, intriguing, or misleading.

Check example: Mohan couldn’t stop himself from listening to the sirenic melody.


Meaning: a type of influencer who talks about money-related things

There are people who use social media to get people to buy things, but you may not have heard of “finfluencers.” They are people who use social media to get people to buy things.

The ones who talk about money on social media are these people. It doesn’t matter if you need help investing, paying off debt, or making money on social networks. They’re there to help you.

Check example: A person who has a lot of followers helped me figure out which businesses to invest in this year, so I can make money.


To be sure, we can all see the word climate prominently in this word. It is both familiar and novel, and something that you can simply incorporate into your 2022 vocabulary.

Meaning: Adjust, adapt, attune, accommodate, become acclimated to, or become used to (to new conditions)

Check example: The tropical climate made acclimatization difficult for the runners.

This is another great new English word added to the basket.


Without slang, our new English words for 2022 would not be enough. Then, here’s some fun slang that you can use right away in your daily life. Want to learn more about this word? Check it out!

The original form: Am I right?

Check example: The way you think about politics changes all the time, amirite?


I will not be surprised if you are new this English word. This is a popular term on social media for a humorous or smart response to a question or meme. However, it is more specifically employed to convey acceptance or support.

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Meaning: For The Win.

Check example: ftw, I’m among the lucky ones!


This name is a mash-up of several Latin terms, including ‘ubi’, ‘ubique’, and ‘ubiquitas’. The suffix ‘ous’ at the end of the word is English.

Meaning: Existing or being in multiple locations, particularly at the same time.

This term is synonymous with omnipresent and can be used interchangeably.


They came up with a new word to insult the millennials.

Meaning: Cheugy, which comes from TikTok, is a general term for someone or something that is simple, trying too hard, or not trendy enough.

Check example: I mean no disrespect, but your content is cheugy!


As Shakespeare put it What is the significance of a name? However, in this case, the name is self-explanatory. Another adjective has been added to our list of new English words for 2022.

Meaning: Proud of one’s money, particularly arrogantly and flauntily.

Check example: Asher squandered a fantastic opportunity as a result of his purse-proud behavior.


This adjective has a more innocent ring to it, doesn’t it? However, you will be surprised to learn that its connotation is diametrically opposed to that of the innocent.

Meaning: Dangerous or harmful.

Check example: Smoking is nocent to one’s health.


Without an action word, our list is deficient. As a result, we’re going to introduce you to a fun and simple verb.

Meaning: To destroy, strike, or kill someone, usually with the aid of a weapon; specifically, a pistol.

Check example: A few citizens were zapped in the midst of a battle between two nations.


More words for you to learn in 2022. Clandestine is a word that came into use in the middle of the 16th century, and it’s still used today. It is made up of the French word “clandestin” and the Latin word “clandestinus,” which means “to be secret.” A movie called “Clandestine” has been released in the last few years.

Meaning: Because it is illegal, it is marked by, held in, or done in secret.

Check example: Police caught James doing illegal things when he was caught red-handed. There were a lot of charges against him. He was sent to prison for six months.


This is a noun. Although the origin of this phrase is unknown, it dates from the late sixteenth century. The definition of this term has evolved over time.

Meaning: A perplexing and challenging situation.

Check example: Riya finds herself in conundrum when she had to choose between money and her passion.


Nothing is more energizing than witnessing inclusion in all facets of our lives. Likewise, we incorporate an element of inclusion into these new English words for 2022. Otaku is a Japanese term.

Meaning: Someone who possesses obsessive hobbies, particularly in the fields of anime or manga.

Check example: I am a single man who is looking forward to dating an otaku since they are so adorable.

Dad bod

Dad bod falls into our collection of new English words in 2022.

Dad bod is also a colloquial word in popular culture. It was formed with the use of two terms: dad and bod, which is an abbreviation for the word body. Now that you are aware of the phrases that resulted in the creation of this new and informal term, let us examine its meaning.

Meaning: A body that is considered typical of an average parent; particularly one who is slightly overweight and lacks significant muscle mass.

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We love the example used by Vocabularytoday:

A recent survey conducted in 2021 revealed that 75% of 2000 singles preferred soft bodies to firm muscles. Women find dad bods attractive because they are unconcerned about muscular tone, diet, or constant exercise.

Fourth Trimester

I’m sorry, are you a little disoriented? What is the fourth trimester of pregnancy, and how is it different from the other three? Make things easy for yourself and learn the meaning of this new word with our assistance.

Meaning: Three months after the birth of a child, the mother’s recovery and adjustment to the new role of motherhood takes place during this time. The first three months of a baby’s existence are critical.

Check example: Every woman’s fourth trimester is a difficult time.


The Oxford Languages selected ‘Vax’ as the English word of the year due to its frequency of use.

This is a really adaptable English word.

Meaning: It refers to vaccines or vaccinations when used as a noun. To vax means ‘to vaccinate’ as a verb. And if you hold your phone up to your face during or after a vaccine, particularly one against Covid-19, you’ve taken a vaxxie or vaccination selfie.

Metaverse As A New English Word

Recently, Metaverse created an entirely new universe around it.

Meaning: It alludes to a digital domain or collection of virtual experiences, almost a picture of the internet’s future, which gained traction following Facebook’s October announcement that it would rebrand as Meta.

Now, we can agree that metaverse deserves a spot in the collection of new English words in 2022.


Aren’t we all guilty of that, particularly during the pandemic?

Meaning: Doomscrolling is just reading unpleasant news on social media or news websites and scrolling for more—exploring the depths of the internet, regardless of how depressing the news.

In eventuality, you develop an obsession with staying current on unpleasant news.


While this may appear to be a difficult term to remember, it carries noble meanings.

This is the word of the year 2021. According to, and it refers to the status or role of someone who supports and actively works for the inclusion of marginalized groups in all spheres of society, and who frequently remains in solidarity with the struggle.


NFT means Non-fungible Token.

Collins Dictionary, located in Glasgow, has chosen ‘NFT,’ an abbreviation for non-fungible token, as their word of the year for 2021—and why wouldn’t they? NFTs are bringing in large sums and generating excitement across India and the rest of the world—from financial sections of newspapers to auction houses. According to Collins’ official report, the term “NFT” was used 11,000 percent more frequently.

According to the website, NFT is a ‘unique digital certificate that is recorded in a blockchain and is used to record ownership of an item such as an artwork or collectible.’ Learn more about NFTs by visiting this page.

Do you think NFT deserves a spot in the box of new words?

 ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response)

‘Autonomous sensory meridian response’ is an abbreviation for the autonomous sensory meridian response, which is a pleasant tingling sensation that starts on the back of the scalp, moves to the neck, and upper spine in some people, and has a calming effect on them.

ASMR videos, which include sounds and images like whispering, tapping, and chewing, have become very popular in the last few years. That’s why we included in our list of English words.

There are hundreds of content creators on Instagram and YouTube who post videos that make people feel relaxed. Many people think it’s a great way to relax and sleep better.

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Cancel culture

This is an exciting collection of our new English words. It’s relatable to the social debates that flood the social media every day especially Twitter.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says cancel culture is “the practice or tendency of canceling a lot of things together as a way of expressing disapproval and putting social pressure on people.”

This is part of cancel culture, which is when people stop supporting a celebrity or political leader because of something he or she said.

This makes them step down. It can be bad for their career if people don’t like or follow them when they do something they don’t want to do.

Dutch Baby

There are many different kinds of Dutch babies, and not all of them mean that they are born to people who live in the Netherlands.

Meaning: It is, in fact, a pancake! You can get it as a big, puffy pancake that is served with powdered sugar and lemon juice.

It is baked in a skillet and is usually served for breakfast with fruit and other things on top, like syrup.

Gig Worker

Meaning: a person who works for themselves as an independent contractor or freelancer for short-term jobs in the service industry.

Even though this phrase has been around for a long time, it’s only just made it into the dictionary. Most likely, because it’s becoming more common in other parts of the world.

It doesn’t matter if you work as a freelancer, work for an online platform or work for a contract firm. You could also be on-call or temporary workers.

Sometimes, they’ll work for “on-demand” businesses as and when the businesses need it. This is how it works:

Check example: There are times when my brother doesn’t have any work, but there are also times when he has lots of projects going at the same time. This is because he is a “gig worker.”


Meaning: a vacation in your own country rather than a trip to another country

Staycations are becoming more popular because of restrictions on travel caused by the pandemic, which is why they are becoming more popular. With many foreign holidays canceled, people have instead chosen to plan their own holidays at home.

Since last year, a lot of people have been going on vacations and events at home, which has made this phrase into a word in the dictionary.

Check example: This year, we chose a staycation instead of traveling abroad due to the cancellation of our trip!

Staycation fits perfectly well into out box of new English words this year.

Virtual Fashion

Meaning: design and sale of clothing and accessories for avatars and virtual platforms

Brands in the world of fashion are now moving into the digital world with entire collections that are only available online. Among other things, Italian fashion house Moschino teamed up with Sims to make a set of designs just for the Sims’ avatars.

People around the world are excited about this new idea, even though you might think it’s weird. This is because it could cut down on fast fashion and move the fashion industry in a more environmentally friendly direction.

Check example: Your Sims avatars will look great in the new virtual clothes you bought for them!

I hope these amazing new English words can better up your communications both in the social sphere and corporate tables.

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