Rolling Stones Facing Accusations of Plagiarism in Latest Lawsuit over “Ghost Town”

Today, we bring you something fresh on plagiarism. Guess what:

The Rolling Stones are facing a new lawsuit alleging plagiarism in one of their hit songs. The suit claims that the Stones’ 1981 hit “Start Me Up” plagiarized a riff from a song called “Ghost Town” by an American funk and soul musician named Hubert Sumlin.

The allegations were filed in a US District Court in Manhattan, and the lawsuit seeks damages from the Stones and their record label, Universal Music Group.

According to the suit, the riff in question is a distinctive three-note sequence that appears in both “Start Me Up” and “Ghost Town.” The plaintiffs argue that this sequence is a “unique and original” part of Sumlin’s song, and that the Stones copied it without permission.

The lawsuit also claims that the Stones’ alleged plagiarism was “knowing and willful,” and that the band and their label have profited from the song without giving proper credit to Sumlin.

The Stones have not yet responded to the allegations, but this is not the first time the band has faced accusations of plagiarism. In the past, the band has been sued over songs like “Satisfaction” and “Anybody Seen My Baby?”

Plagiarism is a serious issue in the music industry, and this latest lawsuit is a reminder of the importance of respecting intellectual property rights. While it is not uncommon for musicians to draw inspiration from each other, it is essential to do so ethically and with proper attribution.

Put in a nutshell, the Rolling Stones are facing accusations of plagiarism in their hit song “Start Me Up.” The lawsuit alleges that the band copied a riff from another song without permission, and seeks damages for the alleged infringement. This latest case underscores the importance of respecting intellectual property rights in the music industry, and serves as a warning to artists to be mindful of where they draw their inspiration.

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